asterlingidea (a-sterling-idea) is a Scottish jewellery design company specialising in raw and organic  jewellery. Founded by Hannah Morris-Knowles in 2012, asterlingidea uses precious metals and gemstones to create odd pieces that force a juxtoposition between the beauty refracted in the stones with the harsh textures of molten metal.


It is not for everyone. Our jewellery doesn't desire to be fawned over, it desires to be worn, to be seen, to create a small statement about its wearer. It is unapoligetic, rough, and big. But bright, comfortable and very individual.


At asterlingidea we believe in recycling. From scrap metal to tools and even our aprons - we ALWAYS try to reduce and reuse our waste. We are a registered fairtrade goldsmith and can source metal that is 100% recycled, traceable and audited. Our gemstones and diamonds are recycled where possible and we have full access to a range of ethically sourced and mined stones.


Our main focus is on one of a kind, handmade jewellery where every last detail is made by us. We set our own stones, draw our own wire and use traditional metal working techniques.