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Recycled Silver Word Ring

An old favourite that has been brought back due to demand!

The recycled word ring is a completely unique beast. Made from 100% recycled sterling and fine silver left over from old bits of jewellery and scrap. The silver is melted down and manipulated into wire before being hammered flat to create a beautiful, rough finish. It's then shaped into a ring and stamped with whatever phrase or words you would like. It is an intensive process which takes a lot of time to make but is completely worthwhile for the end result.

The rings are incredibly tactile and deceiving. Despite their rough and worn appearance, great care is taken to create a very smooth and comfortable fit. We have taken into account that larger rings can be harder to get on and off and as such, have made sure all these rings have a subtle bevelled edge to ease in removal!

So, what to put on your ring? There are no hard or fast rules! Obviously, picking an entire poem to be stamped on the ring is a little much but pick a favourite phrase from it and job is a good'un! If you want to put "HAZEL LOVES SALLY 4EVA" then go for it. I choose to put be BORN TO BE ALIVE on mine because It's one of my favourite songs and sometimes I need to remind myself of the sentiment.

The rules? Well the stamps are small, 2mm infact and only come in capitalised letters and numbers, I am yet to source some stamps with punctuation marks on them. The bigger your ring size the more letters you can have on your ring. Your words can go around the ring in anyway you like, but only on the outside. Feel free to be as expressive, odd and rude as you like. No judgements here - this is your ring.

A reminder to yourself, a token of love or just something to be fierce, the Word Ring is unique to YOU!

Metal : Sterling and Fine Silver
Height : 10-15mm approx
Finish : Bright, satin and hammered texture.

The rings take around a month to make and come hallmarked with my makers mark by the Edinburgh Assay Office to verify metal content.

Once an order is placed, we will be in touch via e-mail to verify the words you would like.


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